Broad Regional Reach Makes Advanced Oncology Care at WellSpan Accessible, Convenient

Central Pennsylvanians can readily access highly advanced oncology care close to where they live and work, thanks to WellSpan Health’s four-county network of cancer centers.

WellSpan Partners with Maryland Proton Treatment Center to Expand Regional Oncology Care Options

A newly forged collaboration between WellSpan Health and the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) is expanding South Central Pennsylvanians’ access to the latest in tissue-sparing, precision cancer care technology — proton therapy — while leveraging the expertise of providers from both entities.

Moving Oncology Care Forward through Leading-edge Research

WellSpan Health’s nationally recognized oncology clinical research program is at the forefront of emerging cancer therapies, extending additional options and a continued sense of hope to patients for whom standard treatments do not perform as anticipated.

WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology: Improving Outcomes through Advanced Surgical Approaches

Specialists at WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology unite multidisciplinary expertise with leading-edge surgical techniques to provide additional treatment options that improve cancer patients’ survival rates and quality of life.

A Culture of Collaboration: How Physicians and Clinicians at WellSpan Work Together to Reduce Hospital Readmissions and Improve the Patient Experience

WellSpan Health is taking action to reduce the occurrence of preventable readmissions at WellSpan’s hospitals.

WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology: Providing Advanced Specialty Care in Local Communities across South Central Pennsylvania

As a provider of advanced gynecologic cancer care, WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology makes leading-edge diagnosis and treatment readily available to the women of South Central Pennsylvania.

Just for Women: WellSpan Health Establishes Comprehensive Women’s Services in Local Communities

As part of a broader alignment of WellSpan Health’s services with its patient populations, WellSpan Health offers patients in South Central Pennsylvania a program that encompasses virtually every healthcare service a woman may need throughout her life, all available close to home.

Summit Health Expands Breast Cancer Services and Reconstructive Surgery Options

With hundreds of thousands of new cases diagnosed each year, breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer.

Genetic Counselor Helps Patients Manage Cancer Risks

WellSpan now offers expert counseling in the burgeoning field of genetics in York, Adams and Lancaster counties.