Medical Facility News

AI Boosts Early Cancer Detection at WellSpan York Hospital

WellSpan Health has invested in high-resolution MRI and AI programs that enable WellSpan radiologists to detect cancer when other imaging technologies prove ineffective.

Sophisticated Solutions to Address Sepsis at WellSpan Health

Clinicians at WellSpan Health pioneered a three-pronged approach to efficiently and effectively identify and treat sepsis, a fast-acting and potentially fatal immune system overreaction to infection. Sepsis affects approximately 1.7 Americans annually according to the CDC.

WellSpan Health Realizes New Benefits as Collaboration With Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center Grows

For almost two years, WellSpan Health and Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center have collaborated on cancer care and oncology research. As the relationship strengthens, WellSpan patients and researchers from both institutions experience increasing benefits.

When a Stroke Strikes, the Clock Starts Ticking

“Time is brain” is the common refrain from physicians and health care providers, who warn that the longer a stroke patient waits to be treated, the more damage is done to the brain.

Care On and Off the Ice

Ice hockey injuries happen.

A Huge Impact for the Tiniest of Patients

In its first year, the collaboration between WellSpan and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center helps more than 180 children and families stay close to home for advanced surgical procedures.

From Overdose to Treatment: WellSpan Provides a Handoff to Help

Working with a community of partners, WellSpan has helped to lead the charge across Pennsylvania in implementing hospital-based, warm handoff programs to transition more drug overdose survivors into local treatment programs for their addictions.

WellSpan Health’s Collaboration with Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Expands Options for Local Cancer Patients

WellSpan Health builds on a tradition of high-quality cancer care through its collaboration with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

WellSpan York Hospital Receives Highest Level of Stroke Care Certification

WellSpan York Hospital has attained The Joint Commission and American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s (AHA/ASA) prestigious Advanced Certification for Comprehensive Stroke Centers — the highest possible level of stroke certification.

Expanding Access to Pediatric General Surgery in York and Adams Counties

In September, WellSpan Health and The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center launched a new pediatric general surgery practice in York, solidifying a collaboration to better serve patients in south central Pennsylvania.