Treatments & Techniques

Expert, Personalized Breast Cancer Care, Delivered with Compassion

WellSpan Health specialists and other clinical staff provide advanced breast cancer treatments that help each patient achieve their goals, while fostering peace of mind.

Broad Regional Reach Makes Advanced Oncology Care at WellSpan Accessible, Convenient

Central Pennsylvanians can readily access highly advanced oncology care close to where they live and work, thanks to WellSpan Health’s four-county network of cancer centers.

WellSpan Philhaven Expands Behavioral Health Outreach, Access across the Region

Accessing behavioral health care remains a challenge for many of the one in five Americans living with a mental health condition. Through the formation of regional provider partnerships and the use of technology-based psychiatry services, WellSpan Philhaven is making care available when and where it’s needed.

Next-generation Care for Complex Cardiac Conditions

Cardiac specialists at WellSpan Health offer patients an array of state-of-the-art treatments and technologies to manage valvular conditions, reduce stroke risk and enhance quality of life. An experienced team of surgeons, electrophysiologists, noninvasive cardiologists and interventionalists collaborates on individual cases to develop tailored treatment plans.

A Multipronged Approach to Curbing the Opioid and Heroin Epidemic in South Central Pennsylvania

WellSpan Health is working hard to address the opioid crisis in the communities it serves by prescribing alternative methods of managing chronic pain, instituting a controlled substance agreement between physicians and patients, and ensuring more individuals have access to the lifesaving overdose reversal drug naloxone.

WellSpan Partners with Maryland Proton Treatment Center to Expand Regional Oncology Care Options

A newly forged collaboration between WellSpan Health and the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) is expanding South Central Pennsylvanians’ access to the latest in tissue-sparing, precision cancer care technology — proton therapy — while leveraging the expertise of providers from both entities.

WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology: Improving Outcomes through Advanced Surgical Approaches

Specialists at WellSpan Gynecologic Oncology unite multidisciplinary expertise with leading-edge surgical techniques to provide additional treatment options that improve cancer patients’ survival rates and quality of life.

Coordinated Management of Diabetes Fosters Better Outcomes, Higher Quality of Life

To meet the challenges of the diabetes epidemic head-on, WellSpan Health incorporates evidence-based protocols, patient engagement, multidisciplinary care and ongoing education for providers.

Primary Stroke Center Certification Highlights WellSpan Health’s Commitment to Advanced Stroke Care

Pairing telestroke technology with providers who have advanced training and an unusual breadth of experience, WellSpan Health’s four Joint Commission-certified Primary Stroke Centers expedite lifesaving, 24/7 care to patients across York, Adams, Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

Starting the Conversation

For physicians, knowing a patient’s end-of-life wishes is just the beginning of a future care and patient preferences discussion.